Hi-Tek SA is your partner for wholesales IT with experience that runs back to 2010. This experience in the IT world, makes Hi-Tek SA your stable partner in a hectic market.


12, rue de la Montèe, L-3658 Kayl
+352 28 80 66 13

Robert Middle

Arnaud Versaevel
+352 6619 23001

Laurent Boucher
Sales Agent
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+32 475265355

Charlène Poirson
Administration and Customer Service
+352 6619 65966


New Client

If you are interested in building a business relationship with Hi.Tek S.A., as a supplier or as a customer, please fill the Application Form and return it to info@hi-tek.lu along with the required documentation.

Hi-Tek is highly careful in approaching and selectiong new partners or costumers. Our compliance team works on financial data and on the background of the beneficial owner through internet-based resources, on account of the diligency of our company. Your application will be processed in accordance with these internal & external conditions